Smile (JMZ mix) and we're back! (sort of)

Hello everybody! It's been a long time... But hopefully this new post will make the wait worthwhile. If any of you are still reading, that is.

I've recently been in touch with a fellow Frenchman who goes by the name of JMZ, and what I'm offering you today is his brand new Smile mix!

Obviously, you all know there are LOTS of Smile fan mixes floating around, but I have to say this is one of the very best I've ever heard. Here are a few notes about this release:

- it doesn't follow the BWPS template. Yet, it flows wonderfully.
- this uses music recorded in 66/67 only, no "BWPS bastardization" here.
- some of the "enhancements" are similar to those that will be featured on the upcoming "Smile Sessions" releases...
- ...but it doesn't use any of the new mixes.
- everything's in stereo, so use headphones. Seriously. You don't want to miss anything.

JMZ & I are offering you this mix in three different formats, so just choose the one you prefer.

- MP3: click here (Megaupload) /

- FLAC: click here (Megaupload) /

- ISO image: click here (Megaupload) /

Comments are more than welcome, as I'm sure JMZ will appreciate any feedback.



Yes, this is the first post in more than a year. But for the first time, I'm seriously considering reactivating this blog. I started yesterday by "cleaning" the comments, and wiping a truckload of spam comments. I think "650" can be referred to as a truckload. Especially when you have to delete them manually, in order to avoid deleting relevant comments. So, dear reader, sorry if one of your comments isn't here anymore, but in that case it's just a mistake.

This gave me an opportunity to look at the most recent comments. Many of you are asking for reuploads (Smiley Smile Maximus mix, UM 13 & 14, among others). I might just start by making all the links work again. Actually that might be the only thing I do, but it'll still be a lot of work, and hopefully worth it.

Some of you are complaining about the sound quality or asking for lossless versions. So I'll be clear on this issue: I'll always upload the best sounding version I have. I may also upload an mp3 version for "ease of download" purposes. But if the only version available to you is an mp3, it's because I don't have anything better. Some others asked for live shows. I'm not that much into live boots, as a result I don't have many.

Finally, I will never share official stuff that can still be bought new. Same goes for things that are about to be released - even if the Smile Sessions were leaked, you wouldn't find them here. You would probably find a "spoiler" review though :D

Anyway. Don't check this page on a daily basis, but you might want to check it once in a while.

AND BUY THE SMILE SESSIONS! We've been waiting for them for so long, the right thing to do is to send a message to Capitol saying you're happy. And to a record company, nothing says "I'm happy" like some of your hard-earned money. You don't steal a good product. And it may lead to more archival releases!


BW - The Like In I Love You

Here's the first excerpt from Brian's forthcoming "Reimagines Gershwin" album, a song called "The Like In I Love You" (based on the yet-unreleased 1924 composition "Will You Remember Me"). You can definitely tell Brian's added his own twist to Gershwin's tune, but in my opinion, the most remarkable thing is Brian's voice, which seems to be in top shape!

Here's the song as a 160k mp3, directly ripped from Brian's website. Buy the album when it comes out!

Megaupload: click here

Rapidshare: click here


Time To Get Alone

As promised, here's another fulfilled request: "Time To Get Alone"!

This 2-CD set contains quite a lot of different and interesting things. For instance, disc 1 features the infamous "Murry" Help Me, Rhonda sessions, along with some outtakes from the "Party!" album.

Disc 2 is filled with studio outtakes from 1965-1968, alternate mixes, stereo mixes, the Redwood version of Time To Get Alone and - I wonder what it's doing here - Dennis' Holy, Holy (which, oddly enough, is credited to Brian and referred to as a 1965 demo in the liner notes!)

All tracks are encoded in 192k mp3. Thanks again to Frank for sending it to me! I had lost it because of a hard drive failure, and it's nice to have it again!

DISC 1, main link: #1 (click here)

DISC 2, main link: #1 (click here)

Artwork: front / back


For The First Time

Here's an uncommon collection of songs called "For The First Time, Vol.1". Thanks to Frank for sending this one to me!

This disc contains lots of different things (Jingles, alternate mixes, quite a few 80s/90s songs, and some Celebration songs). I think all the tracks can be found on other CDs, but it might contain a few things that you don't have yet.

Click here to read the tracklist: Tracklist

The songs are encoded in 128k mp3, and the artwork is included. Enjoy! (coming next: the "Time To Get Alone" 2-CD set that was requested and that I didn't have anymore!)

Main link: #1, click here

Alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6


Request #3 - Deep Sea Treasures 1&2

As promised, here are Deep Sea Treasures, volumes 1 and 2!

The first volume contains rare studio stuff, from 1963 to 1973. Quite a few tracks from this first CD were released on the excellent Hawthorne, CA 2-CD set, but a few others are still officially unreleased.

The second volume contains live recordings, from 1961 to 1974. There are some gems on this CD!

Both CDs are encoded in 320 kbps mp3.

Volume 1, main link: #1, click here

Volume 1, alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6

Volume 2, main link: #1, click here

Volume 2, alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6

Enjoy these CDs, and have a great weekend!

Oh, by the way, don't expect new posts until December! I'm quite busy right now - I'll repost the RTL Saga tomorrow (edit: it's up!), and I might post a couple of things before Christmas, but as of now it's unlikely.


Request #2 - BWPS at the RFH (1st show)

Request #2: first live show of "Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE": Royal Festival Hall, London, Feb. 20th, 2004

"Legendary" seems to be an appropriate word to describe this particular show. I don't usually collect live shows, but as a BB/BW fan, I just had to have this one!

While listening to the show, you'll notice that Brian wasn't exactly "into it" - but I guess we can all understand why, and he seems to become more relaxed near the end of the concert anyway.

The show is divided into 3 mp3s (one for each section: americana, childhood, the elements). The quality is good enough (128 kbps), considering it's not a soundboard recording. Oh, and the artwork is included!

So, whether you were there or not on that evening (I certainly wish I had been there!), enjoy this one!

Main link: #1, click here

Alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6

Request #1 - Smiley Smile (Sortastereo)

Request #1: Smiley Smile in stereo (256 kbps)

Now, it's impossible to do a "true stereo" mix of Smiley Smile. So this is some kind of "fake stereo" version... Hence its name, "sortastereo"!

These mixes are really good, and you'll be able to fully enjoy them as the files are 256 kbps mp3s.

I don't remember where/who I got this from, so if you'd like to be credited, just drop your name in the comments!

Main link: #1, click here

Alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6


It seems there actually is a true stereo mix of Smiley Smile, called the "Maximus Mix". Someone kindly gave me a link to it in the comments, and I'm putting it here for you. Enjoy!

Maximus Mix, true stereo: click here



NOTE: requests are closed for the time being as I'm going to upload the following items. I'll eventually make a new "requests" post!

Here's what I'm going to post:

- First SMiLE show
- Deep Sea Treasures Vol. 1&2
- Stereo Smiley Smile (I'll have to check if the version I have is more than 128 kbps, though)

While you're at it, check the Legendary Masked Surfers board for new "compilation boots" made by DJole. I recommend them for completists (they might contain stuff you haven't heard yet) and for those who want to start collecting unreleased music!

Hello again! No, I haven't forgotten about my promise - I intend to begin posting stuff again. The problem is,
I don't know what to post! So I'm asking for your ideas, or even better, your requests. The rules are simple:

1) Post your request in the comments, just under this message;
2) No reuploads!
(if you see it in the list on the right of your screen, I won't reupload it, at least not right now);
3) Keep the requests BB/BW-related
(the Honeys are ok, the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, less so!)
4) No stuff that can easily be bought new in stores.

If I have it, I'll post it!


Brian At The Sage Gateshead - 12-07-09

Here's a 3-CD set of a very recent recording: Brian Wilson at The Sage Gateshead, Newcastle, July 12th 2009. The performance itself is quite good, and even though the recording could be clearer at times, you're in for a very enjoyable listen.

Listening to these CDs, it sounds like Brian was in a really good mood as he doesn't stop talking and joking around!

Noteworthy is the presence of quite a few "recent" songs from Brian's solo career: Your Imagination, Soul Searchin', Desert Drive, three songs from TLOS...

Enjoy this one! (and thanks again to the friend who gave me these CDs, you know who you are!)

CD 1: Rapidshare / Badongo /

CD 2: Rapidshare /

CD 3: Rapidshare / Megaupload /

(192kbps mp3, cover art included)




I don't know if some of you still check this blog for updates from time to time... Yes, I know I haven't posted anything on this blog for a long time, and no, I'm not proudly telling you that I'm going to post stuff right now :(

BUT! I should have more time in August, and I think I'll have more time next year than I've had this year. I still have loads of rare files that I'd like to share with you, so I'll post them some day (the sooner, the better!)

Some people keep asking me for reuploads and I'd like to say a couple of things about that:

1) Most of the time, the files are still downloadable! When you see some links like "1 / 2 / 3 / 4...", it doesn't mean you have to download all four of them. One is enough! So if "1" doesn't work, try "2", or "3", or... And so on. I haven't checked all the files, but from what I've seen there seems to be at least one link that's still working.

2) Some files aren't downloadable anymore indeed, like for instance that "RTL Saga" about the Beach Boys. I know I said I'd try to post it as soon as possible. But I've not been able to yet. Please try to understand that, even though sharing rare Beach Boys stuff is a pleasure, I have other things to do with my life and updating this blog regularly is not exactly my #1 priority. What's more, this "RTL Saga" is a large file. I actually tried to reupload it three times last March, but the servers were in a bad mood and decided I wouldn't get a download link, which was a bit disheartening. Since then I haven't tried again, but I'll try soon, so please be patient!

In the time being, check the various links on the right - you'll undoubtedly find interesting things you don't have yet (not necessarily Beach Boys-related, but good music isn't limited to them!)

Have a great summer!