Purple Chick SMiLE Mix

So here it is, the "Cadillac" of SMiLEs... And it is very good indeed. I only have one regret: on some tracks, they've used excerpts from BWPS 2004... Listening to this today made me want to do a better SMiLE mix than the first one I made. I'll try to complete it during July and August, stay tuned! But for now, enjoy this SMiLE mix.

In order to be downloaded (and uploaded!!!) easily, the tracks are "only" high-quality 160 kbps MP3s, converted from FLAC files. Complete artwork is included in high resolution!

Links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Reupload note: I'll be reuploading the FLAC version as well, so if you're into lossless stuff, you might as well wait for that one.


Anonymous said...

Well done!! Nice blog, and great to see the PC Smile at good quality - thanks!

Willard said...

Hi LZ,

Many thanks for the higher quality post. Very appreciated. Keep up the good work. We'll be back. Cheers.

Linear Zap said...

You're welcome! (BTW I've added your blog in the links!) ;)


Willard said...

Many thanks LZ,
We've done the same.

Pixletwin said...

This is a great blog. Purple Chicks SMiLE is ok. Some of the tracks she used (especially the fire tracks) are pretty low quality.

Linear Zap said...

Hi Pixletwin, glad you enjoy the blog!

See you on the smileysmile board!

~LZ (aka SloopJohnB)

Ian Cognito said...

160kbps is really a low bitrate for Beach Boys stuff, which is dense with harmonies and instrumentation.

Also, a lot of this stuff appeals to collectors and audiophiles only, and while they could be happy with what they get, they're also going to be the kind of people that actually appreciate it when somebody rips stuff for them at 320kbps or v0.

Can beggars be choosers after all?

Linear Zap said...

IMO, 160kbps is really enough of a bitrate for things that will still sound muddy as flacs.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!
I want to say that I really am thrilled with this blog..
and am looking forward to when you get to repost UM 6 -15.. all summer long to summer days and nights is my favorite period of these fellas..not to say I don't love the rest!

Your blog has a place at the top of my bookmarks, along with another dozen or so..
amazingly, almost every one happens to be a Dutch blog..
Which, of course, since my family originates from Friesland, (did I spell it right?)..fills me with a unique pride at the good taste of the Dutch....
p.s. the Purple Chick FLACs are still up (i'm DLing them now)..RS tends to not be so persnickity, which is likely why....
Happy new year all...Doccus

Linear Zap said...

This one is a French blog ;) but you're very welcome nevertheless!

noname said...

After listening to this, I realize how imo BWPS is superior to all the unfinished stuff circulating around. This has it's good points but is not as focused and totally incomplete.
Regardless, Thanx so much, LZ, it is still a real treat to have these versions of H&V and GV's, among others.

Wolf Burn said...

Hey, I really love this bootleg, I've been listening to it non-stop. But I was wondering if it would be possible to get a track listing of all the tracks on the bootleg. I'd really like to know the titles of the songs.

Linear Zap said...

If I remember correctly, the artwork is included in the files you downloaded. The titles can be found there.