That Lucky Old Sun (September 16th)

Finally, here's the Sept. 16th, 2007 TLOS show! I don't know why I hadn't posted this one before (I probably didn't have enough free time when I got this one, and forgot about it afterwards), but this is one of the best TLOS shows available! I hope you'll enjoy this one if you still haven't heard it!

Part 1: 1 / 2 / 3

Part 2 (TLOS + encores): 1 / 2 / 3

P.S. I'll repost the other complete TLOS shows soon, this time as separarate mp3s! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, and thank you very much for all the TLOS uploads.... And for the Unsurpassed Masters series....

I'm back at my old blog, bootlegz.blogspot.com....


Fatzers said...

thank you very much for this :)

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Thank you for all the "That Lucky Old Sun" show boots from the past few months! Very much appreciated! And for your FYI: 18 studio demos from Brian Wilson's "That Lucky Old Sun", have gotten online via Bit Torrent. They appeared on Trader's Den and sound like they are legit, just wanted to let you know if you didn't hear. Poke around Smiley Smile and I am sure you will read more about it! Thanks again mate!


Linear Zap said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for the tip, but I've already had these demos for a long time. I would really have liked to post them on this blog but Melindator doesn't want them to be made available... And I wouldn't like my blog to be shut down tomorrow :(

Thanks again though, and don't hesitate to pass the word if something similar happens again!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
I'm still hoping for the Sept 14th show, the one I attended.
I'll keep my fingers crossed :-)

lord levy said...

Thanks lz.

I know these are mp3 but is there a lossless (wav or flac) version of Sept 16th out there somewhere? I remember that the other London RFH shows were posted this way on www.guitars101.com a while ago. Just hoping ---and enjoying this show.

Linear Zap said...

There might be a wav version of this one, but I haven't heard of it. The only copies of this one that I've seen were mp3s, or mp3-sourced (mp3-> wma, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the shows and for all of the SOT series. Your blog is a huge asset to the BB internet fan community, or at least I think so.

I've started a new message board to go along with my blog at http://doyoulikeworms.yuku.com.
It's got a boot section to post your stuff, similar in fashion to Lightman's old board.

holland66 said...

yes thank you man. this actually takes place on my 29th b-day! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Somewhere I have an audience master from the Ann Arbor concert several years back...from the Steve Dahl guest thing.

Grandaddy said...

Que tal. Quiero invitar a todos los fans de Sudamérica a este grupo de Facebook: Brian Wilson a Sudamérica! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=66124542808&ref=ts

Chunkry said...

any chance of a reupload of this show? All the links are expired. I've managed to get the other RFH concerts available on this site from guitars101, but they do not have this gig for some reason.

Thanks for all the good downloads,