Brian Wilson - Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl

After "Midnight's Another Day", here's a second preview of Brian's new solo work, "That Lucky Old Sun (A Narrative)".

Although not as good as "MAD", "Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl" is a cute piece of nostalgia with typical Brian-esque changes! And the song actually manages to be nostalgic without being cheesy... Not an easy thing to do.

This was recorded directly from Brian's website and is available as a 256k mp3! Enjoy ;)

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willy z said...

Thanks Sloop!

Linear Zap said...

You're welcome Willy ;)

Pixletwin said...

glad you are back! let us know how the concert go on monday. ;)

JDfan said...

enjoy the concert at RHF

Mickey said...

Linear zap,

Please make sure you read my comments I just posted for Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7 & 8 (important stuff).


Linear Zap said...

To Mickey: check my answer in the comments for Vol. 7 & 8!


holycownyc said...

The arrangement is bland; the song is, too, for that matter. Maybe it is not safe for Brian to write what he wants. His voice is a little improved, but he still doesn't hold his notes and has a very brittle sound in the upper range; he seems detached from his singing.

Linear Zap said...

I agree on the "bland" thing - but it was WAY better at the RFH show on Tuesday!