For The First Time

Here's an uncommon collection of songs called "For The First Time, Vol.1". Thanks to Frank for sending this one to me!

This disc contains lots of different things (Jingles, alternate mixes, quite a few 80s/90s songs, and some Celebration songs). I think all the tracks can be found on other CDs, but it might contain a few things that you don't have yet.

Click here to read the tracklist: Tracklist

The songs are encoded in 128k mp3, and the artwork is included. Enjoy! (coming next: the "Time To Get Alone" 2-CD set that was requested and that I didn't have anymore!)

Main link: #1, click here

Alternate links: #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6


DJole said...

Thanks for this new stuff!!!

dutchie said...

thank you very much. some intresting mixes on it.