Time To Get Alone

As promised, here's another fulfilled request: "Time To Get Alone"!

This 2-CD set contains quite a lot of different and interesting things. For instance, disc 1 features the infamous "Murry" Help Me, Rhonda sessions, along with some outtakes from the "Party!" album.

Disc 2 is filled with studio outtakes from 1965-1968, alternate mixes, stereo mixes, the Redwood version of Time To Get Alone and - I wonder what it's doing here - Dennis' Holy, Holy (which, oddly enough, is credited to Brian and referred to as a 1965 demo in the liner notes!)

All tracks are encoded in 192k mp3. Thanks again to Frank for sending it to me! I had lost it because of a hard drive failure, and it's nice to have it again!

DISC 1, main link: #1 (click here)

DISC 2, main link: #1 (click here)

Artwork: front / back


Music Guy said...

You're my hero for uploading this. I've been looking for it for what feels like forever!

The Sunchymes said...

Superb! Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you!