Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6 - All Summer Long

Vol. 6 is a 3-CD boxset (again) dedicated to one of my favourites pre-1966 albums, "All Summer Long". Artwork is included in the third zip file!

Disc 1: 1 / 2 / 3

Disc 2: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Disc 3: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Pixletwin said...

Not only do you bring us Spring, but you deliver the next installment in the Unsurpassed Masters series.

Thank you so much!


mojofilter said...

Thanks very much!

I was surfing BB sites, looking for artwork for the UM volumes where I had none. Then I found your blog. Now, not only do I have the missing artwork, but I've been able to fill out the remaining discs I didn't have. I've got the complete UM series now! I appreciate your making them available. It's been near impossible to find anyone who has the complete set to trade.

Any chance you have any disc containing the long argument between Brian and his dad at the "Help Me Rhonda" session?

Take care.

Linear Zap said...

If you're looking for artwork, try www.bootlegzone.com. They've got artwork for many, many BB boots! (actually that's where I got the artwork for most of my boots)

Regarding the Help Me Rhonda sessions, I think they're included on the "Summer Days" SOT (vol. 9). I could be wrong though...

But try this site:


They have a full article about that "incident", incredibly funny cartoons, and the full Rhonda sessions. You can either listen to them (left click on "full version") or download them as an mp3 (right click on "full version", then "save target as").

Hope that helps!


mojofilter said...

Thanks for responding. Actually, not long after I posted here, I went to your link for The BB Tapes site, and they are hosting "Time To Get Alone," which has the 35:00 session as D1, Tr 1. So I've got it now. UM 9 does not include the session with the argument.

They are also hosting a pile of discs that I've only read about, so now I have those, too!

I've been a BZ member for years. I stumbled across your blog when BZ didn't have art for UM 21, but you did. I've got over 1500 boots, but not much BB beyond the SOT series, except the ones I just picked up.

I have two items you may be interested in. Both radio programs. A BBC Radio 1 documentary on "Smile" and US 2-disc "Brian Wilson: Creators At Carnegie," which is documentary and the full performance of "BWPS" at Carnegie Hall. If you'd like to put links to them on your blog, I'll put them up on Rapidshare. I'll be a Premium member there for a month. Just let me know.


mojofilter said...

Oh, to clarify, the link to the BB Tapes site is on the Dutch BB site.

Anonymous said...

if i can just answer for l.z....... put those BBC Doc's up for sure!!!


Linear Zap said...

Yup! I've just read your messages Mojofilter, and these interviews would be neat... If you're still reading these comments, feel free to post the links here and I'll post them in a new message!


hungry mike said...


This is wonderful, wonderful blog. Thanks so much.

Any chance of reupping this one? It's gone.

Lunar said...

Is the "argument" with Murray Wilson within this Unsurpassed Masters set ? Unfortunately, these .rar files will download but not extract for me (there are errors in extraction). I would like to know what the original bootleg source is for that argument ! Cheers..great site this.

Anonymous said...

all the links are dead for this set. can anyone repost them? thanks.

this is an awesome blog and thanks for sharing your collection.

Lunar said...

Your re-posts of SOT disks and other bootlegs really are appreciated. I know it is hard work for you, but BB fans around the world are benefitting from your efforts.
Thanks Man !!

Anonymous said...

thank you for re uploading this. do you have the 2 "live in sacramento" releases. i hope you don't mind the request. thanks again for re uploading

Mark said...

One of my favourite albums. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

a guy named david prokopy offered a set of smile sessions recordings in the past . what were the contents? same as um17? the um17 recordings sound amazing. audio quality is everything with these analog recordings.um17 sounds better than the 30 years box! obviously alot of stuff is missing from um17 - surf's up, cabinessence, barnyard. where is this stuff?