Smile (JMZ mix) and we're back! (sort of)

Hello everybody! It's been a long time... But hopefully this new post will make the wait worthwhile. If any of you are still reading, that is.

I've recently been in touch with a fellow Frenchman who goes by the name of JMZ, and what I'm offering you today is his brand new Smile mix!

Obviously, you all know there are LOTS of Smile fan mixes floating around, but I have to say this is one of the very best I've ever heard. Here are a few notes about this release:

- it doesn't follow the BWPS template. Yet, it flows wonderfully.
- this uses music recorded in 66/67 only, no "BWPS bastardization" here.
- some of the "enhancements" are similar to those that will be featured on the upcoming "Smile Sessions" releases...
- ...but it doesn't use any of the new mixes.
- everything's in stereo, so use headphones. Seriously. You don't want to miss anything.

JMZ & I are offering you this mix in three different formats, so just choose the one you prefer.

- MP3: click here (Megaupload) /

- FLAC: click here (Megaupload) /

- ISO image: click here (Megaupload) /

Comments are more than welcome, as I'm sure JMZ will appreciate any feedback.



Yes, this is the first post in more than a year. But for the first time, I'm seriously considering reactivating this blog. I started yesterday by "cleaning" the comments, and wiping a truckload of spam comments. I think "650" can be referred to as a truckload. Especially when you have to delete them manually, in order to avoid deleting relevant comments. So, dear reader, sorry if one of your comments isn't here anymore, but in that case it's just a mistake.

This gave me an opportunity to look at the most recent comments. Many of you are asking for reuploads (Smiley Smile Maximus mix, UM 13 & 14, among others). I might just start by making all the links work again. Actually that might be the only thing I do, but it'll still be a lot of work, and hopefully worth it.

Some of you are complaining about the sound quality or asking for lossless versions. So I'll be clear on this issue: I'll always upload the best sounding version I have. I may also upload an mp3 version for "ease of download" purposes. But if the only version available to you is an mp3, it's because I don't have anything better. Some others asked for live shows. I'm not that much into live boots, as a result I don't have many.

Finally, I will never share official stuff that can still be bought new. Same goes for things that are about to be released - even if the Smile Sessions were leaked, you wouldn't find them here. You would probably find a "spoiler" review though :D

Anyway. Don't check this page on a daily basis, but you might want to check it once in a while.

AND BUY THE SMILE SESSIONS! We've been waiting for them for so long, the right thing to do is to send a message to Capitol saying you're happy. And to a record company, nothing says "I'm happy" like some of your hard-earned money. You don't steal a good product. And it may lead to more archival releases!


DJole said...

Hey Zap!!!
Nice to see you back, man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot guys you are doing a great thing for us Beach Boys fans, as this is one of the only sites with working links. I hope you guys keep up the good work!!! Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

The JMZ mix is by far the best I ever heard, and I heard a lot of them, many thanks !!!

Willard's Wormholes said...

Hi LZ,
Thanks for the update and the news that you might be back at it soon. Keep us posted on the return. Cheers,

Nicolas LAREK said...

ravi de ton retour !!! Et merci pour les liens !!!

Ear Trumpet said...

Agree! This is very good and an excellent listen. I used headphones and the sound really opens up. Congratulations, JMZ and thanks for sharing.

Welcome back, LZ!!

Anonymous said...

This is superb. SMiLE is one of my all time favorite records, and as a record that never was, it can be imagined in so many ways. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best mix out there. JMZ; where did you find these sources?!? For me, Barnyard has always been unlistenable, but due to your cleaning, it sounds great. I can't thank you enough for making a record that has always been more concept than anything else into a reality!

matt.g said...

thanks this is a great smile mix!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey thanks!
this really works as a concept for the original album release. I love some of the transitions, especially Fire into GV. Thanks JMZ

Michael said...

Awesome that this is active again!! I would love to hear the SS maximus mix- didn't find out about it until it was too late. It may not be SMiLE, but it is about as offbeat as the Beach Boys get, and since it actually WAS released, it has influenced hordes of indie rockers, and in some ways it has been more influential than SMiLE itself.

I picked up the SMiLE sessions the day it came out, and I have to say the decision to release the album proper in mono is a quaint gesture, but rather disappointing. And, considering when it was slated to originally come out, it's simply not right to assume it would have only been released in mono, since it would have been competing with Sgt. Pepper. Ah, but any anyway... glad to hear you are carrying on!!

Anonymous said...

I have an embarrassing number of CDs with SMiLE sessions. I have to say this is a great mix. As you say it flows and even more important it feels finished. Well done JMZ. I hope you have sent Brian a copy.

Frank J. Oteri said...

Since buying the collection's edition boxed set of The Smile Sessions the week it came out, it has taken over my life: I haven't been able to get it out of my mind! After a month of trying to grapple with the historical significance of these recordings (and their relationship to the music--pop, classical, jazz, and otherwise--of then as well as the music of now) and over 7500 words later, we published the following essay on NewMusicBox: http://www.newmusicbox.org/articles/sounds-heard-the-beach-boys-the-smile-sessions/

Anonymous said...

Hi...just returned to this blog after a while, happy to see you're returning. I was excited about the new Smile mix, but since it's post-megaupload, the links no longer work...any chance of re-upping somewhere else (esp. the flac)....pretty please?