SOT Guide

Rockin'_DJole sent me this guide in .pdf format that covers the SOT/UM releases. It contains tracklists, artwork, reviews and info for each volume.

Links: 1 / 2 / 3


Dwayne20081 said...

Hey Linear,
Thanks for all of the boots and uploads! Thanks to you, I have the full SOT collection minus the Sacaramento set. Is there any possibility that you will be uploading the Live in Sacramento discs? I sure do hope so! Thanks for all of the freebies. You're the best!

Rockin'_DJole said...

Hey dwayne!
Try this links for Sacramento show:


Dwayne20081 said...

I tried those links on Triffids but it says "file not found". There isn't any way to click on it but to just copy the link and paste but the url address is not complete for each file.

Rockin'_DJole said...

OK dwayne, I see I must do everithing for you !?!
I can't help it - I'm such a nice guy!!!
Here's the links:
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, August 1st 1964, 1st show

Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, August 1st 1964, 2nd

And they're perfectli allright (if you have just let your mouse slide on the right, but nevermind)!

I just want you to enjoy as much Beach Boys as you can get! I know how hard it is to complete something that big like SOT-UM !!!

Enjoy it man, enjoy in every song!!!


Dwayne20081 said...

Thanks so much! It worked!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work in sharing the Sea Of Tunes Series.

April 28,2008