That Lucky Old Sun (September 15th)

Another TLOS show recorded at the Royal Festival Hall! This one is the Saturday 15th show.

Performance-wise, it is very good and enjoyable, and the sound quality is very good as well.

Enjoy this one! ;)

Part 1: 1 / 2 / 3

Part 2 (TLOS + encores): 1 / 2 / 3


beloved aunt said...

and even more thanks to you for showing us where!

its a great new work, i am enjoying it more and more with repeated listens.

alex said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the mp3 and links.

Linear Zap said...

Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy 'em as much as I do!

Marc said...

COncentrate on school, but upload some goodies when you can! :)

Davey said...

This is one awesome site, I've spent the best part of each day here since I was sent the link to it last week at the Guitars 101 site, (I'm the guy who recorded the TLOS shows, btw). Good to see them getting spread about to be heard by all the Brian Wilson fans out there. That was why I upped them in wav. & flac, so they could travel far & wide.
I've also got the show from Friday the 14th show as well, but I was a little further back in the 3rd row behind the mixing desk on the right hand side block of seats. It's still a pretty nice recording though & this show has the best God Only Knows I've ever heard live & an absolutely stunning Midnight's Another Day also. I still need to get this show transferred to my hard-drive though & it tends to take a while to get it all right.

This is an incredible site, me & my hard-drive thank you!


Linear Zap said...

Hi Davey!

Nice to hear from you on this blog, and it's nice to know that you don't mind me spreading your (very good) recordings!

It'a also cool to have uploaded them in flac and wav! I've kept the .zip files containing them but I've made single-mp3 files of each TLOS show because this allows me to listen to them on my mp3 player... And this might be more convenient for people who aren't into lossless stuff.

Can't wait to hear the Friday 14 show! So it appears that ALL the RFH shows have been recorded... Except the one I've been to, Monday 11th... *sigh* :D

Thanks again for what you're doing and for the kind comments about my blog, stay tuned for more boots and reuploads!


ParksAsher said...

For some reason when I try to unzip Oxygen from the zip file I get an error but everything else comes out fine. Anyone else had this issue? By the way, thanks for posting all these, it is great to be able to hear it in the states. Hopefully he will will tour it here as well.

ParksAsher said...

I am talking about the September 15th show.

Anonymous said...


Yours is a great blog for all brian wilson's fans, congratulations!

I attended the friday 14th TLOS show, so I would LOVE to have it if it is anywhere. Does anyone know where to find it?

Linear Zap said...

Davey (read his post in these comments) has it and will probably upload it. Like all TLOS shows, it will end up on this blog!

...And thanks for the kind comments!


Anonymous said...

Excellent site - many thanks indeed for the heads-up!

Keep it coming!

Wee Helper

Anonymous said...

I'm always better for listening to his music. THANKS AGAIN

Linear Zap said...

Thanks for loving me! I love you too. Would you happen to be a pretty, funny and intelligent girl? :D

Anonymous said...

Did Davey give any news about the Sept 14th show?
I'm still not able to find it!
Hope there's still a chance

Anonymous said...