Request #2 - BWPS at the RFH (1st show)

Request #2: first live show of "Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE": Royal Festival Hall, London, Feb. 20th, 2004

"Legendary" seems to be an appropriate word to describe this particular show. I don't usually collect live shows, but as a BB/BW fan, I just had to have this one!

While listening to the show, you'll notice that Brian wasn't exactly "into it" - but I guess we can all understand why, and he seems to become more relaxed near the end of the concert anyway.

The show is divided into 3 mp3s (one for each section: americana, childhood, the elements). The quality is good enough (128 kbps), considering it's not a soundboard recording. Oh, and the artwork is included!

So, whether you were there or not on that evening (I certainly wish I had been there!), enjoy this one!

Main link: #1, click here

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Alastair said...

thank you so much for posting this!

don't suppose you have the second night show?

Linear Zap said...

You're welcome!

Unfortunately, I don't have the second night show... But I think it has been booted!


Sillypsybin said...

Bless your heart for posting all this stuff...

I have a tape I made of a show at Springfield College in Massachusetts on May 1st 1971. Sound quality is pretty awful, but the performance is flawless. They performed earlier this same day at a rally in Wash. DC which was filmed. They were relaxed, pleasantly buzzed and having a great time. I think the performance is hard to beat. Stunning version of "Their Hearts...."

It's still on tape. I've never transferred it..... maybe I should....

Hey, you don't have the demo of Brian working out "In The Back Of My Mind" do you?..... you know, the one where he's sitting at the piano and singing, and he's obviously still working out the bridge, which is totally different and starts with the line "In the front of my mind...."?

Sam said...

Hey, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to listening :)

Grandaddy said...

Wow man! I can't believe that 3 of the 4 requests you chose to post are 3 of the 4 I requested.
It's ok if you don't have the Time to get Alone bootleg, the one I wanted the most is the Smile 1st show.It's really great to hear this and to think it was the first time it was performed, and before even being recorded.
The sound is pretty good considering it's not a soundboard recording and it's in 128kbps.
So, Thank you really for this and thank you for advance for the Deep sea Treasures you'll post. ;)

Linear Zap said...

I'll upload "Deep Sea Treasures" this week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the 1st Smile show!


Linear Zap said...

I've been trying all week, but Massmirror and Sharebee both seemed to have problems. And we have bad weather around here, which isn't exactly a plus (disconnected... then connected again... then disconnected... oh well)

So yeah, I haven't forgotten about it. I'll try posting Deep Sea Treasures again on Wednesday or Thursday!

Uncle Capt. "Skipper" Dumbchops said...

Please link my new BB Blog "A Blind Class Aristocracy":


Lots of "lossless" FLAC.

Linear Zap said...