Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3 - Surfer Girl

This SOT set covers a few tracks from the "Surfer Girl" era, including "Surfers Rule", "Catch A Wave", "Run-Around Lover" (a Sharon Marie tune, produced by Brian as usual), and many more!

My favourite cuts are the sessions for "Boogie Woodie", especially the overdubs, where you can clearly hear these fantastic organ and piano parts! This reminds me that I have to do a remix of "Boogie Woodie" with a louder organ part...

Anyway, enjoy this set! (160 kbps, artwork included)

Links: 1 / 2 / 3


Abby F. said...

Hi, Tried to listen to American Spring, but the dl wouldn't work with any media player. Do you know why?

Linear Zap said...

That's strange... I have a few different media players and they play the tracks without any problem. I'm sorry but I don't really have a solution...

...but you could try downloading the album here:


I can only think of a "codec" problem (the file that is required to "decode" and play an audio file), and since the album uploaded in the aformentioned link has been encoded with another codec, it should work fine! :)

Let me know if this has worked!


wkc said...

I am getting an invalid quickkey message when I try to download this file.

Thanks for all your shares. There is a lot of labor and love and it is appreciated


I would love to get a new link to the following also if available as they seem to have been deleted.
Vol 12 Disc 2
Vol 11 Disc 2
Vol 10 Disc 3

take care

Linear Zap said...

I had never seen this "quickkey" problem before... I'm going to reupload the file.

And about the expired links for some UM sets, I'll be reuploading them all soon!

And thanks for your kind comments ;)


Anonymous said...

How does this find you:


Linear Zap said...

The link has been fixed, everything's working properly now! ;)

Re: anonymous - "How does this find you?"

A bit ill but fine though. I enjoyed the songs (especially the Ronettes cover & "These Days") but the sound is quite muddy on all of them... These songs deserve to "shine", so in my opinion you could really do with some "sound cleaning"! Keep going! ;)

wkc said...

very kind of you to fix so quickly. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for linking to my blog, I'm quite flattered, and thank you for all the stuff you've posted, especially those Lucky Old Sun shows. They're f***ing amazing!

Argantonio said...

Is it gone!!!!? :(
Thanks anyway.....

Argantonio said...

:( Invalid Quickkey
Maybe tomorrow! :(

Linear Zap said...

The file must have been removed by Mediafire - AGAIN. :(

Sorry, I don't have enough time to reupload it right now, so you'll have to wait!


Stephen said...

Dear Linear, I feel as though I know you, the amount of wonderful music you've made available to me!
Please visit my blog http://thewrongbutton.blogspot.com/ and download my album The Wrong Button, which Darian Sahanaja said was the best thing he'd heard for years. I promise you, if you love Brian Wilson, you'll like this.
With regards, and thanks again, Stephen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the link's broken, but I'd still like to say thank you for everything else you've uploaded for us!

Anonymous said...

thanks for upping this!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting Volumes 3 & 4.
Now I have all of the Unsurpassed Series !
Something I couldn't afford to buy as Cd's !